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It would be *great* if some enterprising and generous developer could spend the time to generate FOP-based XSL-FO documents from the XML, XSLT and XPath
specs. In fact, that would be a useful tool for comparing how fop-0.20.5 compares to fop-1.0-dev (the FOP re-design/TRUNK branch). Unfortunately, that
hasn't been a priority up to this point. Perhaps it could become a priority
in the future.

Oh, it would be sooooo cool if we could have our own PDF of the XSL 1.0 specification [1]. The official PDF was created by RenderX. I thought about doing a stylesheet for that myself but I'm currently so busy coding on FOP 1.0dev that I'd be more than happy if someone from the user community could do that. It would also be interesting to compare FOP 0.20.5 and FOP 1.0dev which is under development.

Hi Fop team,

would there be anything wrong with using RenderX' XSLT stylesheet to produce a
pdf whith Fop? As I read this thread on fop-user a week ago, I wondered whether RenderX released the stylesheet they used to produce the official pdf of the XSL recommendation. Indeed they provided an xmlspec2fo stylesheet on their website [1], but now it seems to have disappeared (the site seems to have been refactored).

Anyway, I have it on my disk and tried to run Fop over it. Well, bad news so 
far ;-(
Fop 0.20.5 stops at p.16 whith an error message (Flow 'xsl-region-body' does not
map to the region-body in page-master 'blank-page'). This is the page where
there is just "This page is intentionally left blank".
Fop 1.0dev (freshly checked out) crashes with a NoSuchMethodError.
As it was just a quick test, I didn't remove Xep extensions; this may be the
cause of the crash.
I can provide details if needed (in form of a Bugzilla entry?).
I could adapt the stylesheet to introduce Fop extensions (at least for the
0.20.5 version, I don't think they are available in 1.0dev?), and perhaps to
circumvent Fop's current flaws. If it may be useful to the Fop team I would be
glad to help.

However, I wonder whether we can use RenderX' stylesheet as a basis. I'm not very familiar with legal issues. So far the stylesheet was available on their
website; there is just a copyright statement ( RenderX , 1999-2001) at the
beginning of the file.

What is your opinion?


[1] http://www.renderx.com/xmlspec.html

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