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So I think we should wait on this until the W3C makes up its own stylesheet without extensions, and makes the same stylesheet publicly available for any XSL processor to run.
OK. I personally don't feel capable of writing a stylesheet from scratch: I'm not familiar enough with XSLT. I would leave this task to someone other (Jay Bryant for example said on fop-user he could write a stylesheet).
I'd prefer to contribute to Fop in some other way.

What may be more "cool"--and a much better selling point for FOP anyway--is for the Docbook XSL/PDF stylesheets to work well with 1.0 (0.20.5 already does a pretty good job with Docbook PDF generation.) I think that's a nicer target than the RenderX stylesheet, much more practical for our user base, and avoids the copyright headaches. But it is indeed a lot more work.
Well, I could do some work here. I'm already using Docbook to write some documents and I have played a bit with the fo stylesheet. For any improvement of that stylesheet I should perhaps rather refer to the Docbook developers.

However, IMHO it wouldn't be very useful to hack Docbook's stylesheets in order to work around Fop's currents flaws. The development of the HEAD branch is evolving quite quickly and any stylesheet improvement would be rather temporary.
Bug reports on Docbook files would perhaps be more useful.
Again, I would rather contribute to Fop by providing patches.

But if you all maintain that it would be really, really useful I can do it ;-)

We don't care much for making changes to 0.20.5 anymore. We focus on 1.0.
I know. That was just because Jeremias and Clay spoke about a comparison between Fop 0.20.5 and Fop 1.0dev.

Fop 1.0dev (freshly checked out) crashes with a

Now *that* is of interest for us.

I can provide details if needed (in form of a
Bugzilla entry?).

Sure for 1.0, please.

I'll try to isolate the problem and reduce the fo file as much as possible. Then I'll file a bug report, and, well, if I can, provide a patch...

No--because again we don't want it anywhere on our site--please don't send it to us--it is RenderX's stylesheet, not ours. It is better not to even look at it, lest our ideas for a similar stylesheet end up coming from their work.
OK, I forget it.

You would be most welcome here.
I really would be glad to help. Sadly I don't have much time to devote to Fop. I've begun to read the XSL spec and dive into Fop code. I'll still need some time before being able to provide patches. Hope you'll hear about me soon...

(BTW, checked your ENSEEIHT website -- looks like a wonderful place for a person to grow.)
Well, at least it's a good place to learn computer science (perhaps not as good to learn english, though ;-( ).


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