--- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi Luca,
> the reason for the effect you're seeing is the
> inheritance of
> start-indent and end-indent. In your exapmle, if you
> specify a
> margin-left and margin-right on the
> simple-page-master, this results
> (corresponding properties) in a start-indent and
> end-indent of 50pt each.


I think I am missing something here.  Margin-left and
margin-right are different properties from
start-indent and end-indent, so I'm unsure why
inheritance between the two would be applicable in
this case.

How does specifying margin-left = 50pt result in the
start-indent value being set to 50pt?  (Corresponding
properties just map ***-start to ***-left, etc. for an
otherwise-same-named property so CP don't appear to be
relevant to this issue.  Does the spec declare
margin-left and start-indent to be corresponding


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