In mid January Peter helped me understand what's going on. Please have a
look at his explanation [1]. Maybe that makes it clearer. The margin
properties are never used directly in the layout engine (I think and
hope). I'm always working from *-indent and space-*. I think it's
obvious enough from 5.3.2 that *-indent and margin are meant to be 
at least through the rules established therein.

Actually, I think 5.1.2 is the section I should have looked at before
Peter pointed out my mistake. About corresponding properties it says
"The simplest example of such properties...", so in my view 5.3.2
describes a complex relationship and so my calling these properties
corresponding was really correct. And the rules in 5.3.2 talk about
corresponding ("margin-corresponding"), and to what can they correspond
to if not start-indent and end-indent or space-before and space-after
depending on the writing mode?

If you think the current interpretation is wrong, please present your
theory. However, the more I think about this, and the more I'm
explaining, the more I can say that I'm sure that the interpretation is

[1][EMAIL PROTECTED]&msgId=2078791

On 15.02.2005 18:27:38 Glen Mazza wrote:
> But if start-indent and margin-left are not
> Corresponding Properties, then the inheritance of
> 50pt. you gave in your example would not occur.
> IMO, if start-indent and margin-left were actually
> intended to be Corresponding Properties, the former
> would have been named margin-start.  Also,
> margin-before and margin-after (or before-indent and
> after-indent) corresponding properties would also have
> been created.  The description of Corresponding
> Properties, 2nd para of 5.1.2, is unfortunately vague
> about which properties are actually CP's.

Jeremias Maerki

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