--- Glen Mazza <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> This IMO is the fatal flaw in your logic in your
> previous email.  You determined fo:s-p-m and fo:r-b
> to
> be type (1) FO's, and hence used the wrong equations
> in 5.3.2 to determine calculated values for them. 
> They are type (3) FO's, and hence the first two
> equations can never be relevant for them.

Oops!  The second equation set in 5.3.2 *can* be
relevant for an FO that does not generate areas.  It
is not applicable for the fo:region-body in Luca's
example, however, because "margin-xxxx" was not
explicitly specified on it.  Hence, we are left with
the third equation set.


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