Damn, Glen, thanks for being so insistent. I was indeed wrong. You
didn't really give me the prove I needed to be rewired but you got me
looking again all over the spec and I found what was wrong:

It doesn't really matter if the FOs generate reference areas or not, the
key is that 5.3.2 is talking exclusively about block-level FOs. See the
comment within paratheses in the first and second paragraphs in 5.3.2,
for example:

"There are two more properties, "end-indent" and "start-indent"
(block-level formatting objects) which correspond..."

p-s-m and r-b are no block-level FOs. D'Oh! Even though p-s-m and r-b
refer to the "7.10 Common Margin Properties-Block", the properties
space-before|after and start|end-indent only apply to block-level FOs.
Sections 6.4.12 and 6.4.13 explain that the margin-* properties have to
be used to calculate the indents for these the two FOs in question. I
used start|end-indent. :-(

So the 5.3.2 rules cannot be triggered, not because p-s-m and r-b don't
generate reference area, but because they are no block-level FOs!!!

In this light you were right to complain about my bringing in the
block-container example. Still, RenderX is wrong about the
block-container thing. That part still stands. RenderX (and AntennaHouse)
deliberately chose to break inheritance rules in these cases. This is
documented in [1]. But as you say, this is a different story.

[1] http://www.w3.org/2001/08/28-XSL-PR-DOC.html (see comment 20)

Wow, now I need a pause.

Thank you, Glen!

Jeremias Maerki

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