I think you misunderstood. I wanted to suggest transferring (not
copying/forking) these parts over to Apache with you as a committer in
the Commons part. That would make it mostly your decision. I'm all
against duplication of efforts. Actually, it was the motivation for this
post. At Apache you'd have a bigger audience as well as a bigger chance
of finding people willing to help. And I don't see a big risk for
disputes as there were for the overall approach for FOP.

It was just an idea in the hopes of bringing people back together to
work on things with little to no potential for disagreements.

On 28.02.2005 19:33:05 Victor Mote wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > Thanks for bringing this up. I almost forgot.
> > 
> > I'd be in favor of integrating Victor's improvements in this area.
> > However, I'd also be inclined to gently nudge you, Victor, to 
> > bring the font stuff back to Apache into the XML Graphics 
> > Commons area once that's set up. But I wouldn't have a 
> > problem to use your code from your SourceForge location for 
> > the moment. We haven't talked, yet, what you'd think about that. :-)
> Hmmm. This is certainly an Apache decision, not mine. If it works better for
> you to have the code a part of an Apache project, you are certainly welcome
> to do that. IMO, it would result in a lot of unnecessary duplication of
> effort. I used to think that duplication of effort was the greatest evil to
> be avoided, but my experience on FOP has expanded my horizons a bit --
> pulling in opposite directions is worse. Still, duplication should be
> avoided if possible.
> My suggestion would be the following: 1) Write your font logic to the aXSL
> interface and use FOray as the implementation of that interface. 2) As
> improvements to font logic are needed, ask for them. I'll do my best to
> accommodate them within FOray. 3) If 2 proves unsatisfactory, I will be
> happy to consider adding some Apache people as committers on FOray
> (actually, I'll be glad to do that anyway). 4) If 3 becomes unsatisfactory,
> fork FOrayFont into an Apache project and start hacking away, or start a new
> project that uses the aXSL interface. 5) If the aXSL interface is inadequate
> and for any reason can't be changed, fork it and improve as necessary.
> Such a scheme allows us to be optimistic that we will be able to work
> together, but protects everybody in case we can't.
> Victor Mote

Jeremias Maerki

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