Thanks for bringing this up. I almost forgot.

I'd be in favor of integrating Victor's improvements in this area.
However, I'd also be inclined to gently nudge you, Victor, to bring the
font stuff back to Apache into the XML Graphics Commons area once that's
set up. But I wouldn't have a problem to use your code from your
SourceForge location for the moment. We haven't talked, yet, what you'd
think about that. :-)

On 28.02.2005 17:20:32 Victor Mote wrote:
> 1. FOray has factored the FOP font logic into a separate module, cleaned it
> up significantly, and made some modest improvements. A few weeks ago, I
> aXSL-ized it as well, which means that it is written to a (theoretically)
> independent interface:
> font/
> I say "theoretically" because the aXSL interface was simply extracted from
> the FOray code, and FOray is almost certainly the only aXSL implementation
> available ATM. The point is that someone *could* write another aXSL
> implementation that would work seamlessly with FOP. The only cost would be
> the instantiation of the brand X FontServer implementation instead of the
> FOray FontServer implementation.
> I think there is general support within FOP to implement the FOray/aXSL font
> work in the FOP 1.0 code, but so far no one has actually taken the time to
> do it. If you get into messing with fonts at all, I highly recommend that
> FOray be implemented before doing anything else. I will be happy to support
> efforts to that end.

Jeremias Maerki

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