I tend to think by now that the first approach I presented earlier is
illusory and too complicated. The second should work out just fine, even
with row span. As I said this would result in the loss of look-ahead,
but this goes in the exact same direction as handling different
available IPD would. I think I'll try to extend the current algorithm
and the LMs so they keep track of how much BPD (min/opt/max) they build
up on lists so they can stop returning elements when one page/part is
completely filled (combined min BPD >= available BPD). This should
minimize the number of discarded elements because of recalculations.
I'll start with the helpers for keeping track of accumulated BPD. In the
meantime I hope there's enough time so you guys can comment on this. I'm
especially keen of reading Luca's thoughts on the topic.

Jeremias Maerki

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