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> FYI, I've started coding a TableRowIterator which
> incrementally fetches rows from the FO tree.
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> In so far it seems I don't really follow Andreas' suggestions even
> though I borrowed a few ideas. I think the unit grid is necessary
> because of the algorithm for combining element lists and of course
> because of border resolution.

...and background-resolution --> see below

AFAICT, this would indeed be the optimal way to implement what I was getting

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> What I'm not sure of yet is where to put background handling for table,
> bodies, columns and rows. It'll be either TLM or TCLM.

I'd say the TCLM, since that is by definition the context in which you have
a reference to all the involved background-properties on all of the
components of the table. In the most extreme cases, where all or most of the
different backgrounds are partly visible, the TCLM seems to be the one that
has access to all data necessary to 'draw' these on top of each other
(table->body->column->row->cell?) in exactly the right proportions (taking
into account resolved borders, padding ...)

> If you think I'm completely on the wrong track, stop me soon. The train
> starts to roll now.... :-) I'm in a hurry. Sorry.

Absolutely not! Train seems to be very much on the right track.



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