J.Pietschmann wrote:

> Victor Mote wrote:
> > hyphenation patterns ourselves. Joerg, do you still have the Java 
> > patgen port mentioned here?
> Yes, it is still available somewhere.

Putting this together with the unanswered question from my original post, I
suppose this is intended to be a not-too-subtle insult. I frankly thought it
would be insulting (not to mention wasteful) *not* to ask about your work in
this area. And, if you care to ever tell me either in public or private what
I have done to offend you, I'll be happy to consider whether I owe you an
apology. For my part, and without intending to slight anyone else, there is
no FOP developer whom I respect more than you.

At any rate, I consider this as a final indication that my efforts at
collaboration between our two projects have utterly failed at every level.
I'll stop trying to convince you that I can help. If you think I can, ask --
in some other forum.

> I'm also considering writing a small web application which 
> would help producing lists of hyphenated words in a 
> collaborative style.

This is a good idea.

Victor Mote

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