It seems there is a bug affecting the creation of the right kind of page
for documents containing blocks with break-* = "odd-page" or "even-page".

If break-before = "odd-page" *each* page with some content is odd; even
pages are all empty.

If break-before = "even-page" the content is placed only on even pages,
while odd pages are empty; moreover, if the block with break-before is the
first one in the document it is placed on the first page (which is odd!),
without adding an empty page before.

The same happens with break-after.

I think this could depend on the conditions tested in the methods
PSLM.needEmptyPage() and PSLM.needNewPage(); in particular, the first one
should return false if the first page has already been created, while now
it seems to return always true.

I'll look at this again next week, obviously unless someone finds a fix
before! :-)


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