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Ja, jetzt sollen wir das alterer Kodierung (pNFA() usw.) entfernen. ...

English: Yes, we should remove the old code now.
Of course 'should', got my modal verbs mixed up again :-)

Thanks for the translation. Am I the only non-german speaking committer on the FOP project?!?


No... and you're quite right, that 'official' FOP business should be in English. But niceties tend to go back and forth in this group, and I don't mind. It adds a bit of spice IMHO.

In any case, I tend to use Babelfish or Google's Language Tools when I come across something I don't completely understand... In addition, I wrote it off as not really being important, as it was written in German. I don't say that to be particularly snobbish... but if it were important, I figured it would've been in English.


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