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Hi Luca,

First of all: compliments on yet another Nice Job!

> At the moment the page breaking algorithm is quite "strict": it tries to
> insert every footnote in the same page where their citation is (the last
> footnote body could be split, and partially deferred to the next page).

Well, that fits the largest part of the requirements...

> The recommendation seems to suggest that it could defer one or more
> *whole* footnotes, if there is not enough space in the page where their
> citations are, even if this is not very usual to happen in books; anyway,
> this could be fixed later.

Optimistic interpretation:
I think that is meant to refer to the cases where a footnote citation
appears in the last block on a page, so it is not necessary to move the
whole block to the next page just because a few of its footnotes don't fit.

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> - is it correct to assume that the footnote separator is the same on each
> page containing footnotes, or it could have some page-dependant content?
> At the moment, its areas are obtained only once, and repeated in each page
> where a footnote is inserted.

AFAICT 'xsl-footnote-separator' is meant to be specified as the flow-name
property on an fo:static-content, so in essence they are meant to be mostly
the same for an entire fo:flow (~ fo:page-sequence), BUT...

One thing I wonder about: Is it allowed to have sth like

<fo:static-content flow-name="xsl-footnote-separator">
  <fo:retrieve-marker .../>

In which case the content of the separator *would* be page-specific...?

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