Luca Furini wrote:

Footnotes should be working now.

Excellent--Very impressive work!!!

Two annotations concerning the footnote separator:

- is it correct to assume that the footnote separator is the same on each
page containing footnotes, or it could have some page-dependant content?
At the moment, its areas are obtained only once, and repeated in each page
where a footnote is inserted.

It is fo:page-sequence specific. Within the fo:page-sequence, you may define one fo:static-content with a flow-name of "xsl-footnote-separator." All pages with a footnote will share that separator. (See:

- I had to add a new StaticContentLM constructor with a Block area
paremeter; maybe someone sees a better way to do this? The problem is that
"normal" StaticContentLM add their areas to a Region, while the SCLM
handling the footnote separator adds them to a block area (this is related
to the previous point); another difference, non depending on the current
implementation, is that the SCLM handling the footnote separator does not
perform any breaking algorithm: it is quite similar to a BlockLM.

I don't mind the code as it is. But if you'd like we can go back to a two-argument constructor (just the PSLM and SC object), and then provide separate methods to set the Region or Block. BTW, since the only thing these two usages appear to have in common is that both they work with fo:static-content, would you rather have separate SideRegionLayoutManager and a FootnoteSeparatorLayoutManager? (Possibly having FSLM extend BlockLM?) Another possibility to think about, and perhaps for Andreas and others to chime in on.


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