Jeremias, perhaps Luca:

Is there a reason why we maintain separate getNextKnuthElement() methods within both an LayoutManager and its inner AbstractBreaker? Can they be consolidated into LayoutManager and we call getTopLevelLM().getNextKnuthElement() instead within the breaker code?

Three LM classes have these two "duplicate" methods: PSLM, SCLM, and BlockContainerLayoutManager. SCLM and BCLM I cannot tell if they are mergable--it looks doubtful to my eyes but I'm unsure, however PSLM's two implementations look somewhat strange: for PSLM, what else would activate PSLM.gNKE() other than its PageBreaker.gNKE()? If "nothing", those two should be merged at least to PSLM's implementation to clarify -- I'll happily do so if I'm correct here.


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