Jeremias Maerki writes:
 > > 6. Add (optional) thumbnail slider windows.
 > That could be expensive, but if you manage: cool.

Are there any hard limits I should be observing with regard to memory
etc. ?

 > > Does anyone see any obvious pitfalls, reasons why this isn't
 > > going to work or reasons why it should be delayed ?
 > I think the continuous scrolling and the thumbnails might be a bit
 > tricky but this is nothing that can't be handled. I'm sure you know that
 > we've frozen the branch where FOP 0.20.5 came from and we are working on
 > the redesign which should have its first release later this year. I
 > assume you need the improved viewer for 0.20.5. That's ok even if you
 > invest some work in this area because there were no big changes in this
 > area. At least, I think it should be easy to port your improved viewer
 > into CVS HEAD later if you don't actually want to implement it directly
 > for CVS HEAD which we (FOP committers) would prefer. Just keep in mind
 > that we won't apply any patches for the maintenance branch anymore.

I'm quite happy to develop straight on the cvs head code.

 > If you do want to do the work on the CVS HEAD code (redesign) then we
 > need to talk to Renaud and get his work on the Java2D/AWT Renderer
 > finished, so you actually have something to work on.

That would be useful if it's going to cause significant changes.
I'll probably be starting work fairly soon.

 > Finally, I can only say that I'm thrilled that someone would really like
 > to improve the viewer since it was always below "being cool" until now.
 > :-)
 > If you need help, just yell.



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