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Please send questions like that to the fop-users mailing list next time.
Thank you.

As I'm testing the development version and so I thought such questions should
go here.

The comformance document you mention can be found here:

The features you use above are all supported in 0.20.5.

Again, I'm interested in knowing the status of the CVS HEAD.

 Is this suppose to be working in the current CVS trunk?

It should work in CVS HEAD but at the moment it is not guaranteed to do
so because we're still in the middle of development. I have seen cases
where content intruded region-after in the CVS HEAD code. This will be
fixed eventually. In 0.20.5, I know of no such problem, except if you
mess with block-containers.

Well, then I have an example where the CVS HEAD seems to no be working. Should I submit this as an issue for tracking purposes? I have several sequences
of blocks that use the keep-together and that may be cause the incorrect

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