Vincent Hennebert wrote:

> When politics interferes in open-source development ;-) Hey, 
> I don't think we are here to flame each other. I respect both 
> Victor's and your opinions. I think you both contribute in a 
> useful way. I agree with your willing to clean up the 
> development code because IMO it makes Fop's code discovering 
> easier for newcomers (I know what I'm speaking about ;-). I 
> fully understand Victor's willing to first provide a clean 
> modularization because I'm also fond of well design.

Just to be clear, there is no reason for the work that Glen is doing and the
work that I am doing to be mutually exclusive. I also have some respect for
the cleanup and documentation work that Glen is trying to accomplish. It is
on the bigger issues that we disagree.

> If you decide not to do it, well, no matter, I'll find 
> another thing to do ;-)

Since I am in a later time zone than almost anyone, I suppose that everyone
has had a chance to respond to this by now. Hopefully I am wrong.

If the FOP developers change their minds and decide to work with you, good.
If not, please consider posting a message to the FOray mailing list telling
me more about what you are trying to accomplish, and I'll be glad to offer
some suggestions if I can. FOray's design not only makes it easier to use
FOray code in FOP, but it makes it easier to use FOP code in FOray. And
FOray has no internal political issues that prevent it from using
compatibly-licensed code developed elsewhere.

Victor Mote

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