Hello Jeremias,

I must convey that your answer was a relief for me ;-) I was starting to wonder what I could have done wrong so that things turn out that way.

I keep your technical comments in mind for later, if I eventually may work on this. Don't worry about the time I've already spent on: it was necessary for me to feel capable of working on it. And while doing that I have discovered things that can be useful for other tasks.

I'm just discovering the political side of open-source development. I guess it can't be avoided but I just hope that it will not prevent Fop from becoming the world's best FO processor. I think this goal is not that far away from some others' [1]. Can't we try to calm down personal conflicts and put the stress on technical quality?

I'm providing fresh blood. I'm not aware of past conflicts. Perhaps I can act as a bridge between two different points of vue...

I'm still proposing to work on FOrayFont. In a technical point of vue it would IMO be best to share a common code repository between the two projects. If it appears not to be possible Victor will surely accept making a donation, and then Fop can always develop its own improvements and adaptations on this basis. However, I wouldn't like this eventuality, towards Victor.

Now perhaps that making a 1.0 release is a priority, at which case I can wait before doing the work. In the meanwhile I can find other things to work on. Perhaps it would be an additional benefit for a 1.0 release to have an improved font subsystem, though.

Team, I'm now letting you make your decision. I'm keeping being connected.


[1] http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=fop-dev&m=111755654014313&w=2

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