Jeremias Maerki wrote:

I don't think the discussion was finished when you did this, Glen.

Oh no, it wasn't--but we know the status quo *wasn't* acceptable, and that the performance argument was no longer valid because of the research you did on .equals(). Now you and Andreas can finish out the argument -- intern() or equals()? -- and if the former wins, just switch the code to intern(). If the latter wins, than do nothing, we're done. I'm out of this discussion now.

especially since we don't seem to have pursued a
more widespread use of String.intern() back when it was discussed in
December 2003 (because it was seen as potentially problematic?). I hope
I interpreted this right.

The December 2003 argument had mainly to do with the interning the names of properties and attribute values--but we've switched to faster enumeration constants since then. The discussion wasn't much about the (much fewer) namespace URIs to handle.


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