Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:

The status quo wasn't acceptable to someone that is developing an
application embedding FOP, but from where we were standing, it was perfectly
acceptable to leave everything as is, and have Nils change his application
to feed interned strings to the relevant portions of our code, not?

No--it wasn't perfectly acceptable. Any intern() was going to be within *our* code, not *his*. Under no circumstances should FOP throw a "wrong namespace URI" error if indeed the namespace URI is correct. I shouldn't have used == in comparing strings.

The issue boiled down to: intern() or equals() *within FOP*. I switched to the latter from the previous bad code, but if the results of healthy disagreements within the team go to the former, than go ahead and change FOP to the former. I don't care either way, but the problem is fixed within FOP now.


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