Jeremias Maerki a écrit :
Do I interpret correctly that the footnote-reference-area
always spans the whole width of the region-body even when the page
contents are rendered in multiple columns?

Yes, I think you're right. There are more hints in 6.4.13 (fo:region-body): the region-body may be divided into 3 areas: before-float-reference-area, main-reference-area and footnote-reference-area. The main and footnote areas are totally disconnected, and only the former may hold multi-column areas. (I would have preferred that footnotes are allowed to be rendered in columns, as the result is nicer, but that's not so).

For the rest I can't help, sorry :-/


So far I've managed to isolate the last parts from a broken element list
that need to be rebroken to do column balancing. For simplicity, I
currently simply send the contents after a span change (when content
switched from non-spanned to spanned or vice versa) to the next page. Now
I have to figure out how to modify the break decisions so they end up
balancing the columns. Then I have to figure out the maximum used BPD
after the balancing which delivers the available BPD for the next
element list, at which point I can remove the hack above that sends the
content to the next page. I just hope this breaking-up of the
span-reference-areas won't cause too many problems with keeping the
footnotes working. I'm a bit worried about that. We'll see.

Jeremias Maerki

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