I don't know of any such convention. I've seen various variants: rc,
beta, previews etc. I think we're free to choose.

Starting with a couple of preview releases would IMO be good to inform
people that the release is not supposed to be used in production, yet. A
release candidate is more like a probable end version where the last RC
is converted to the final release. At least that's my view.

On 26.07.2005 16:57:52 Chris Bowditch wrote:
> I wouldnt go as far as calling the code totally unstable! I have used it 
> for some documents and the output looks okay. However, we should call it 
> rc or pr as you suggest. I thought the Apache convention was 'rc', but I 
> have no real preference. Just so long as its clear that we expect to 
> find a few bugs and fix them before a production ready release is done.

Jeremias Maerki

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