I understand your concerns but we should make it as easy as possible for
beginners. There are a lot of them, many knowing almost nothing about
Java and classpaths. The beauty with these extensions is that they can
easily be deleted when not used. No rebuild necessary.

On 26.07.2005 21:45:33 Simon Pepping wrote:
> Having MathML and barcode support is a good thing. But I am not very
> enthousiastic about the goal of providing support for both
> out-of-the-box. Scratching pieces of functionality together and
> integrating them is a different role than developing an application. I
> am a Debian Linux user, and an advocate of the model of Debian (and
> other distributions): development is one role, integration is another
> role. I am horrified of the Apache packages, which make me have Xerces
> and other libs many times on my computer.
> I am in favour of promoting the MathML extension to a more visible
> place. I have no opinion on JEuclid in XMLGraphics. Separating SVG
> support from FOP core is OK with me.

Jeremias Maerki

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