Until we decide otherwise, FOP is still targeted at JDK 1.3 but you're
right it currently doesn't compile. Nobody took the time, yet, to make
it compile under 1.3. It's on my list of things but there are so many
little things still to do. If you could try to fix it and send a patch
that would be absolutely awesome! Do you want to try?

On 27.07.2005 08:14:14 Bielik, Robert wrote:
> The question seemed to fit in this list rather than fop-users:
> I've checked out the fop trunk and tried to build it with JDK 1.3, however 
> that doesn't seem to work (getting a number of compile errors on among other
> things, java.awt.Color)
> Is the trunk known to require JDK1.4 or higher, if not, what do I need to
> think about ?
> The reason I need JDK 1.3 is that I'm trying to fit fop into an application
> where JRE1.3 is used, AND I need it to be able to render the (embedded) SVG 
> in the
> XSL-FO which is what doesn't work for me in fop 0.20.5.
> /Rob

Jeremias Maerki

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