Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Add margin on simple-page-master as additional feature.

ATM, doesn't this raise a PropertyException saying that "Border and padding for a region must be 0"?

The XSL 1.0 Recommendation states that "borders and padding are not allowed with a page-reference-area" (6.4.12 fo:simple-page-master) and that "the values of the padding and border-width traits must be 0." (6.4.13 fo:region-body and for the other regions). This is not supposed to change even in the upcoming 1.1 version, looking at the working draft.

As having a border (and a padding too, necessarily) around the page is not such an uncommon and unlikely situation, I was wondering if FOP should not allow it, just warning the user about the non-standard feature that she/he is using.

FWIW both xep and xslFormatter allows borders and paddings in a region; xep warns that they are extensions, the other says nothing.

I agree that "everybody does this, why shouldn't we" is not a good reason; but in this case there is a real need that cannot be satisfied in a standard way.

For example, I tried to achieve the same result by setting a background color for the page, and partially "covering" it with white regions ... but a simple-page-master cannot have a background-color attribute according to the standard! :-(


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