On Mon, 8 Aug 2005 02:41 am, Simon Pepping wrote:
> IMHO An upgrade of the jars in FOP does not solve
> the problem of this test file.

1. do you actually understand what the problem is because I don't? The 
test file (test/xml/bugtests/block.fo) is trivial. It works from the 
fop command line, it works with the SAX test, its only when using the 
identity transformation to convert it into a DOM source that the error 

2. While I agree that fop as such should work with any JAXP compliant 
parser I don't have a problem if building/verifying fop requires a 
particular parser / transformer version. However, IMHO it would be 
desirable that fop builds / verifies out-of-the-box without the need to 
upgrade components delivered with it. It seems to me that we could 
achieve that by upgrading xerces/xalan in SVN. I do believe that the 
current xerces/xalan versions are still compatible with JDK 1.3 which 
is the oldest JDK version fop attempts to support. If there are 
arguments against upgrading xerces/xalan than we should do what you 
have done and disable the tests that fail in SVN so that fop 
builds/verifies correctly.



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