Andreas L Delmelle wrote:

Hi all,

Back from holiday, and just started work on the collapsing border model (something I discussed thoroughly with Jeremias a while ago --don't worry, I'm not going to start all over :-) ) Let me just say that, where earlier on I didn't have a clear idea on what needed to be done code-wise, right now I'm pretty confident that I will be able to offer a patch-proposal very soon... Note that, although it will mean that part of the border-collapsing logic will move to the FOTree, I'm still convinced this will make the related code in layout much easier to follow --but to get the FULL picture, potential devs will need to look at both the FOTree AND the LayoutManagers.

On to the topic then: while I'm at it, I would also like to try and implement the border-precedence properties (and ultimately also collapse-with-precedence), and have the following questions/remarks about this:

* What would be the correct property type to use? So far my working hypothesis is 'EnumNumber', since the value can be an enum (=force), as well as any integer value. Correct assumption?

The type should be a number with added 'force' enum. The number property will then coerce a 'force' value into an EnumNumber which is a number that also holds a enum value, but only the property subsystem needs to know that.

+ Another question concerning the possible value of 'inherit': does it suffice to have Maker.setInherited() set the flag to true (in FOProperyMapping)?

* Another issue may be that those properties' default values depend on the type of object they are bound to. The most straightforward way of dealing with this seems to be to defer determining the actual default value until the respective FObj's bind() methods... Does this sound OK, or does anyone see a better way?

It was my goal that all the properties should return the correct value from the PropertyList. So if it is possible at all, I would prefer to see that the inheritance issues is implemented in the PropertyMaker classes, instead of the FObjs (or the LayoutManagers).


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