Perfect, Finn! I've just hacked together a little test extension that
lets me evaluate properties and write failure messages to a singleton
which a JUnit test case could process. It's very rough right now, but
with a little more work this could really be cool for checking the FO

Right now, I'm simply running a normal FOP processing run, but the
layout engine wouldn't actually need to be called at all. And I get
warnings about unsupported properties but that's a detail. The
integration into a JUnit test case is easy.

So, if anyone's eager to write test cases for the FO tree, I can commit
what I already have.

On 29.08.2005 21:28:20 Finn Bock wrote:
>  >>Is there a way in our test system to check the values of properties in
>  >>the fo tree?
> > Not yet, I'm afraid. It would really be good to JUnit-test the FO tree
> > and property subsystem. The layout engine test facility only tests the
> > layout engine and the visual testing facility only the generated output.
> > We still have a few gaps WRT testability. Ideas welcome.
> Extension elements has access to the propertyList so it can do checks like:
>     <fo:block border-before-style="solid" border-before-width="10pt" >
>       <fox:assert property="border-top-width" result="10000mpt"/>
>     </fo:block>
> but I'm not sure how it can be made part of a junit suite.

Jeremias Maerki

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