On 27.08.2005 23:19:40 Andreas L Delmelle wrote:
> BTW: since it is my intention to facilitate the job of the layout 
> package in this matter, I'm considering adding BorderInfo instances 
> (although I'm not sure where exactly) that keep the resolved info to 
> use precisely in these layout-specific cases. What I mean is: even if 
> the FOTree lacks some of the context, there is always the fact that it 
> is a possibility (however remote) to have a page-break between two body 
> elements.
> We could say: the BorderInfo to use in 95% of the cases is the one that 
> is immediately available in the element's CommonBorderPaddingBackground 
> instance, in the other 5% it's another one, available 'over there' 
> (wherever that is). Layout would then not need to re-evaluate, but pick 
> up the width from that 'special' BorderInfo instance.
> Does this sound like a sane thing?

Remembering your earlier ideas for your approach, I think so, although I
must say that I'm not sure if I really understand it. I keep having
problems following your ideas sometimes, but that's mostly because I'm
not so much the theoretical guy. AFAIK you're trying to move the
pre-resolvable pieces into the FO tree while you only do the
specialities in the LMs, right?

Jeremias Maerki

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