It's a "NYI" problem. So far only the fixed table layout is implemented.
The spec says to fall back to the automatic table layout when the
inline-progression-dimension is auto. FOP can't do that, yet, so it
simply chooses an available value which is 100% in this case.

This is also a point where "hero" points can earned. :-)

On 28.08.2005 15:57:37 Manuel Mall wrote:
> This is just a clarification question to those in the know.
> In HTML when specifying a table browsers usually choose the smallest 
> width without causing unforced breaks in columns. That is in XSL-FO 
> terms the ipd of the table can be smaller than the containing block. In 
> the current fop version it appears as if the table width is always 
> forced to the width of the containing block, i.e. it behaves like 
> setting width="100%" in HTML on the table. I compared this to XEP and 
> it renders more like HTML.
> Is this a feature, a bug, a not yet implemented, or do I misunderstand 
> something?
> Manuel

Jeremias Maerki

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