No, SVN doesn't have an attic. It operates on revisions exclusively, so
you have to find out the revision (equals to the state of the repository
at a certain point of time) in which the thing you look for is present.
Try this:

svn log

(choose the URL right to restrict the size of the log file. You can also
restrict the search by date: see "svn help log")

Then locate the thing you're looking for in the log file and note the
revision number. You can then enter that revision number into the field
in the ViewCVS view. Or you can simply append the revision number to the
ViewCVS URL: "?rev=264734" or similar.


That's how I did it the last two times I needed to find something. Maybe
there's a better way.

On 30.08.2005 10:05:41 Finn Bock wrote:
> Does svn view have an attic?
> If it does I could propably find the code, it wasn't pretty.

Jeremias Maerki

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