Well, there's exactly one test (space-block2) which looks at this and it
has no checks. As long as there are no tests with checks there is a
certain amount of uncertainty if a feature really works or not.

On 31.08.2005 10:52:07 Luca Furini wrote:
> Chris Bowditch wrote:
> > +  * Conditional space support, i.e. space-before.conditionality="retain"
> Chris, doesn't this work already?
> As far as I can remember the correct space resolution is still missing, so 
> for example the space-after of a block is not "added" to the space-after 
> of the following block (they are just appended, and this has some side 
> effects on keeps), but the conditionality should be handled correctly.
> I have just tested the simplest example possible (just a block with text 
> and a space-before with conditionality = "retain") and it seems ok.
> Regards
>      Luca

Jeremias Maerki

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