> The least this would do is avoid a number of unnecessary calls to 
> instanceof.

You're on the right track, and maybe that "switch" impl would be an
80/20 win over the cost of the Right Way. But that huge if-instance case
is exactly what the Visitor pattern was created to solve. I haven't
spent enough time with the Fop codebase to speak to the gains of such a
thing, but I'd bet RTFHandler isn't the only one that does this. A
braindead `grep instanceof | wc -l` search shows 122 classes out of the
640 classes use instanceof, which in my world makes them at least worth

Another "implied" win to the Visitor interface is if a new FONode type
gets added, it forces the change to ripple (unless the impl is using the
DefaultVisitor) to all those who would need to handle the new

  -- /v\atthew

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