On Sep 25, 2005, at 19:47, Andreas L Delmelle wrote:

Currently, I have solved this locally by creating the pageVP with the indefinite dimension set to Integer.MAX_VALUE.
The only things I'm still looking for are ways to:

BTW, stumbled upon an interesting issue:
Does anyone know how percentages should be viewed in case the page's height is indefinite? Or would this simply be something the user shouldn't be doing at all (i.e. define the page-height to be "indefinite", so that its ultimate value depends on the laid out content, and at the same time define certain properties as having a value that is a percentage of the page-height...?) My common sense tells me that this is a circular reference, so the results are "unpredictable", and I can safely create a pageHeightContext with bpd set to Integer.MAX_VALUE...

Just thought I'd ask, even if only as a rhetorical question :-)



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