While I am at it (this whole alignment stuff I mean) we may as well do
it properly. This would include support for the "script" property. The
allowed values for script are defined for example here:

I assume we don't bother to validate if a correct code has been
provided as we don't do that for the "country" and "language"
properties either (should we? If we do we need more external config
files or expand fop.xconf to hold those values as they tend to change
over time).

But what we do need is a mapping from scripts to default baselines for
these scripts. I haven't found a mapping list on the net. Any one come
across something like that? Otherwise we may have to make that up. That
means entries somewhere similar to: <script code="Guru"
baseline="hanging" />. Is the fop config file the right place for this
stuff? Any not defined scripts encountered in an fo file would map to
baseline="alphabetic" (may be with a warning to the user?).

What we also need for proper script support is a mapping from Unicode
code point to script. The mappings are for example defined here:
How would one best process this (has this been done in FOP before?)?
Is there other Unicode stuff FOP needs which should be considered at the 
same time? 
Are we better off working with the "raw" Unicode data 


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