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That code was alt-design properties code. It seems to me that many of the ideas and implementation details of alt-design are now sitting in the FOP code base. This is true whether Finn ever looked at the alt-design properties code. It ain't over yet.[1]

I did, before I became a committer. Back then I evaluated the different branches (0.20, alt and head) and made a decision on which one to work on.

The alt-design property code was, back then, in my eyes, code written by a person who did not intuitively create object oriented design. It was, IMO, not a good fundation for further work.

I have then later looked at different times, one where I made a incorrect description of how alt-design stored references from fo-object to properties, an other when I wanted to understand why you though alt-designs Property/PropertyValue was any different from head's PropertyMaker/Property.

Does any record of any of this remain on the web site? No.


Not a single line from alt-design has ever been committed to head by me!


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