On Oct 13, 2005, at 01:06, Manuel Mall wrote:

On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 04:26 am, Simon Pepping wrote:
I think junit-layout should fail if hyphenation-present is not
true. Now the layoutengine tests are silently skipped when
hyphenation is not present.

Fair enough - we could
a) Just fail the whole layout test target
b) Still run the layout and then only the hyphenation dependent tests
will fail - not good as it will not continue after the first test
c) Don't run the layout tests but give a prominent message that the
tests have been skipped because of missing hyph support
d) Factor out the hyph dependent tests into a separate test target and
skip that with a warning

Personally I tend towards c)

I'd say d), but not explicitly as another separate build-target. Rather, the hyph-dependent testcases are filtered out 'by' the junit-layout target --should become quite straightforward in light of Jeremias' recent suggestion to change the disabled-testcases to XML format. It will eventually require modification to the LayoutEngineTestSuite to deal with the altered format anyway, so we should be able to squeeze in an additional attribute. The value of hyphenation-present is passed into the TestSuite, which then uses that value when constructing the disabled-testcase filter.



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