On Sat, 12 Nov 2005 10:10 pm, Christian Geisert wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki schrieb:
> > Cool, thanks! Let's hope I can squeeze everything in until then.
> No hurry, I just meant to prepare everything (still problems with
> forrest) - and Manuel is already doing a lot of the work - the actual
> release isn't that much work and can be done later ...
Sorry, didn't intend to steal your work Christian.

As the project hasn't done a release for a long time and especially no 
release of the new codebase we should test probably a bit more 
extensively than usual that the distribution builds actually are 
working and don't contain any 'cheap' errors.

To that effect I have build binary and source distributions from the 
current svn and made them available for download from 
http://people.apache.org/~manuel/fop/disttest. In the top level 
directory are the source and the java 1.4+ binary distributions. In the 
java1.3.1 directory are only binary distributions. 

NOTE / DISCLAIMER: These are test builds only to verify our build 
procedures and DO NOT constitute an official or sanctioned or approved 
release from the FOP project!!!!

My usual development / test environment is RedHat Linux ES 3 with Java 
1.5. If you have a different environment please grab one or more of the 
distributions and check them out and leave feedback on this list (even 
if its all good please). When I say 'check them out' I mean: does the 
distribution work, are all required files there, does fop run 'out of 
the box', ...? For a source distribution: does fop build without 
problems...? What I don't mean is to check FOP's XSL-FO compliance or 
to try and find bugs in FOP itself. While that is also very useful I am 
asking here for help with verifying the distribution build mechanism.

BTW, I am aware the the files CHANGES and README in the top level of all 
distributions are outdated and need revising before a proper release.

> Christian


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