On Tue, 15 Nov 2005 06:48 am, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> I agree with you two. Therefore, I've resurrected status.xml, added
> it to our website again and prepared it so we can start using it
> after the release.
> BTW, I think I'm through with all the things I wanted to do. What's
> left now:
> - write the README/release notes
> - Create a copy of the xdocs/trunk directory to xdocs/0.90alpha1.
> - do the (PMC) vote on the release.
> - tag and release

I suggest to add to this list:

Compliance page:
        Remove reference to Trunk and replace by 'Latest Release'.
        That is the compliance page to compare the old fop 0.20.5 
release against the latest released version of fop. Deltas between the 
latest release and the current trunk version are tracked using 
status.xml. On every new release compliance changes to be transferred 
from status.xml to compliance.ihtml.

> If it's possible I'd like to start the vote tomorrow and do the
> release around Thursday/Friday. That reasonable?
Fine with me.

> Jeremias Maerki


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