Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Sounds like a good plan to me. Would you go after that?

Jeremias: I have similar concerns to Manuel about this. Moving the handleWhitespace method to a different class is probably okay, but I don't think we should start making any major changes to Whitespace handling until we have the design nailed down. It is still unclear exactly what the spec intends in some places. Manuel has written a Wiki which attempts to document the intention of the spec and presents some ideas on how to implement this functionality.

On 15.11.2005 18:06:13 Andreas L Delmelle wrote:

In this respect: I still wonder whether it wouldn't be more convenient to split up the whitespace handling, and deal with the inlines separately. Currently, InlineCharIterator needs to generate boundary characters to indicate start- or end-inline. If we would deal with the whitespace of the inlines at inline-level itself, it should become far more straightforward to apply the 'special' rules (no removal of the first/last space of the inline, or before it).

On top of that, it does away with the need to chain together all FOText instances of a whole block (thus making that ugly static 'lastFOTextProcessed' obsolete?)


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