We have a testcase in the repository for the border-spacing / 
border-separation properties which currently passes:

However, I think it shouldn't. Firstly the table borders on the 2nd 
table are incorrectly positioned. But that's not the main point.

It appears that fop trunk currently reserves border-spacing/2 on the 
outside of cells adjacent to the table edges. After looking at the CSS2 
spec and various examples I believe the full value of border-spacing 
should be reserved along the edges. Example:

<fo:table border-spacing="5pt 0pt">

is currently rendered like:
[2.5pt gap][cell data][5pt gap][cell data][2.5pt gap]

while I think it should be:
[5pt gap][cell data][5pt gap][cell data][5pt gap]

What do others think?


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