a few thoughts about the layout engine test harness:
- It won't run if CWD!=project.home, i.e. "ant -find build.xml" from a
subdirectory fails the tests with a "file not found" exception.
Neither the disabled testcase file nor any of the style sheets are
found. This can be quite annoying with some IDEs.
- The disabled testcase thingy should be factored out of the layout
engine test suite class. Probably the whole file list generation.
- There is no easy notification if a disabled test case really is a
testcase, i.e. if the filename is misspelled. This becomes important
if the disabled testcase list is published on the web site.
- Should the disabled-testcases file get a licence header?
- The external-graphics_src_url testcase wont work properly behind
a proxy which requires authorization.
- If nobody objects, I'll remove the text files and related cruft from
the Java source and the build.xml soon.

BTW. Ant 1.6.1 complains: build.xml:808: The <fail> type doesn't
support the nested "condition" element.
Do we really need a bleeding edge ant? (although the Ant people could
be a bit less aggressive with adding features in minor releases too).


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