Jeremias Maerki schrieb:
Ok, fixed, along with a few other things. Interesting how many little
things you can find that delay a release. :-)

With the current build in the branch we are able to create the 3
distributions that I see are necessary:
- Source distribution
- Binary distribution for JDK 1.3
- Binary distribution for JDK 1.4 and later (containing support for

Ok, so we'll release three distributions? (just to make sure)

To make a JDK 1.3 distribution build from scratch possible, add:
javahome.jdk14 = <your jdk 1.4 home path here>
to your This enables build the docs while Ant
runs under JDK 1.3 because Forrest needs JDK 1.4.

I just did a succesfull build with JDK1.3 (nice work Jeremias)
I'll do the release builds later today if nobody has objections.


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