On 25.11.2005 16:25:43 thomas.deweese wrote:
> > Thomas, what do you think about this topic?
>    Well I think that currently the text bridges do a pretty good job
> determining if they are capable of drawing text as PDF text and drop
> back to curves when needed.  I would much rather work on catching cases
> where this doesn't work properly than adding another option. Do you
> know of cases right now where this doesn't work?

Yes, the issue when someone uses custom fonts. Text drawn as shapes uses
the AWT font subsystem to get at the fonts while text drawn as text
needs FOP's own font subsystem to select/embed the right fonts in the
target file. I assume some people would probably prefer to simply have
their things as simple as possible and not to have to manage an extra
font setup. On the other side, when Vincent is done with his work, we'll
have font auto-discovery which will improve the situation a lot. Still I
think it doesn't hurt to have an emergeny fallback just in case.


Jeremias Maerki

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