Hey, allow me some wishful thinking on my part. :-) Look, if FOrayFont
supports fonts without the need for a PFMReader or a TTFReader then the
road to "font auto-discovery" is just a very small step. And the former
is an absolute must. Otherwise, the whole thing is a waste of time. I'm
not even afraid about the performance penalty of an "auto-discovery"
feature. If someone points to the system's font directory with 500 fonts
it's his own fault if the whole thing takes a little time to preload. If
you don't do auto-discovery, that's fine. I'll do it then. I want it. :-)

On 28.11.2005 15:11:11 Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki a écrit :
> > On 25.11.2005 16:25:43 thomas.deweese wrote:
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> > 
> >>>Thomas, what do you think about this topic?
> >>
> >>   Well I think that currently the text bridges do a pretty good job
> >>determining if they are capable of drawing text as PDF text and drop
> >>back to curves when needed.  I would much rather work on catching cases
> >>where this doesn't work properly than adding another option. Do you
> >>know of cases right now where this doesn't work?
> > 
> > 
> > Yes, the issue when someone uses custom fonts. Text drawn as shapes uses
> > the AWT font subsystem to get at the fonts while text drawn as text
> > needs FOP's own font subsystem to select/embed the right fonts in the
> > target file. I assume some people would probably prefer to simply have
> > their things as simple as possible and not to have to manage an extra
> > font setup. On the other side, when Vincent is done with his work, we'll
> > have font auto-discovery which will improve the situation a lot.
> I'm afraid of what you mean by "font auto-discovery"? FOray doesn't have
> font discovery support. This presents some difficulties as already
> discussed on this list [1].
> I don't want to bring bad news, but...
> Vincent
> [1] http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=fop-dev&m=111876477207479&w=2

Jeremias Maerki

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