On 05.12.2005 15:53:51 Luca Furini wrote:
> First of all, thanks for your comments: I really tend to forget in a short 
> time all the details concerning white space!
> Manuel Mall wrote:
> > Glyphs are only allowed to be merged if they carry the same / matching 
> > set of property values. Personally I would not be concerned if we 
> > therefore limit that logic to within a LM. While it is possible that 
> > someone could write something like
> > <fo:block><fo:inline>a</fo:inline><fo:inline>&#x0308;</fo:inline>
> > and the a and &#x0308; could be combined into an &x00e4; IMO this is a 
> > pretty degenerated case.
> Seems reasonable: so, we can delete glyph substitution from the list of 
> things we must consider in this phase.
> But, now I think of it, we must consider kerning too, so the list does not 
> get any thinner!

I may even be able to make the list even longer: font-variant support,
font-selection-strategy="character-by-character". I don't want to make
this any harder but maybe it's worth having at least a short glance at
the two properties while you're at it. But I'm not sure if it really
plays into the current topic.


Jeremias Maerki

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