On Dec 16, 2005, at 17:24, Adam Strzelecki wrote:

Hi fellas,

Just wanted to let you know that it is not really related to the
hyphetation 8-O

I just found other file that crashes FOP without using hyphetation....

Seems addALetterSpaceTo is fetching element index -1 without checking if
it is -1...

Just as a heads-up:
This error looked familiar to me. I encountered it while playing with the whitespace-handling algorithm (changes not committed yet). A quick search showed that there are two blocks in the FO file that have linefeed-treatment="preserve"... If I remember correctly, that's what this error is related to.

Funny... My locally modified version --whitespace-handling moved up in the FO class hierarchy to FObjMixed--reports the same error, but for a zero index.

Still not sure what the exact cause is, but this may point someone in the right direction (I hope).



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