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On 22.12.2005 10:13:37 Simon Pepping wrote:
> I have tried to removed the double-list return type (a list of
> KnuthSequences) of InlineLevelLM.getNextKnuthElements. I have
> abandoned those efforts.
> If the return type is only a single list, the call stack has to return
> to LineLM.getNextKnuthElements for every completed paragraph and every
> sequence of block elements. This is certainly possible, and was the
> case in the past. It is true that most paragraphs consist of only one
> Knuth paragraph, and do not contain block content. For those
> paragraphs a single list return type would be efficient.
> It would require look-ahead: Can the next sequence of Knuth elements
> be appended to this one? And caching the sequence if not. Probably not
> a big deal.
> Nevertheless, I do not feel inspired to code this only for sake of the
> return type.
> Having an inherited method with a list with different types of content
> elements will be a problem when we would ever use type-safe
> collections. I would prefer to tackle this by defining a return type
> KnuthSequences, which would be able to hold a single KnuthSequence or
> a list of KnuthSequences, with logic to handle both cases
> transparently for its clients.
> I thought you may wish to know these considerations.
> Simon
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